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So, I had uTorrent installed, all settings on default, downloading a relatively large torrent. I can't quite remember if our line is 1meg or 2meg (our ISP upgrades us a lot!) but it's shared with two other users (one constantly on world of warcraft) through an SMC router. Speed tests i've done generally show about 750 kb/s for my computer alone. Anyway, I was getting download speeds ranging from around 20 kB/s up to 60/70 kB/s, and upload speeds from 5 - 15 kB/s. Me not knowing a whole lot about bittorrent, thought there was something wrong with my connection as it fluctuated so much, so went through these forums to try and tweak it a little.

I realise now the fluctuations were normal, but ever since the tweaks my upload speeds have been around 20 kB/s, but my download speed is averaging about 3 kB/s. I've reset the settings, upgraded to v1.4, reset again, followed what's been said in the mini guide, but i still can't seem to fix my speeds. My port forwarding is all fine and dandy, I don't believe my ISP is interfering at all, but i just can't seem to get it working.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Sorry, just to be clear-

● Not sure if i have a 1 or 2meg cable line, our isp upgrades a lot.

● XP home operating system

● no firewall. Had norton as a software firewall but I uninstalled that recently (it's a new computer, understandably has a few 30 day free offer blah blah blah)

● No problem with portforwarding, that's all set up and working correctly.

● not aware of any interferance from my ISP

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