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<need experts> Why utorrent ignores uploading even while dl is ~0MB/s


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rtorrent wipes the floor with utorrent in the first 30 secconds on private trackers...

Quite often I'll download between 10 and 40 MB/s and upload 0.00 kb to completion

it often hangs at 99.9% and is downloading at a very low speed yet upload remains 0 for up to the 5 sec it takes to complete and then suddenly shoots to 20-60 MB/s upload

It can't be a disk resouces problem because as I say if I can download at 40MB/s how come when it goes 10MB/s I also get 0 upload

This seems common among utorrent users...

Although rarely I will get high speed on both to completion, like 10MB/s up and 40MB/s down

On large packs it's very normal for 5-10MB/s down and 20-60MB/s up for the entire time

This in my mind is a major flaw/bug in utorrent that really should be fixed

I'm tempted to switch to rtorrent but it has so fewer features (but you can't argue with speed)


Edit: perhaps the reason is it is not reporting what pieces it has available to seed fast enough / often enough??

I read the help file on advanced and found nothing that would help

except the collace writes , I increased from 2MB/s to 4MB/s

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yes this is under debian using wine 1.0.1 I've used latest wine before and it didn't make a difference

but this behavoir I've experienced many times before even on windows boxes

actually windows is even worse... you'll never get a hgih up and down at once

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So you've tried both latest stable and developer versions of Wine?

Under Windows, you *MUST* have extremely fast hard drives -- probably more than 1 -- to lower the peak loads on each. Windows caching may need to be disabled in uTorrent advanced settings.

2nd link in my signature may also be needed to find good uTorrent settings, though I don't really have anything that goes higher than 100 Megabits/second upload!

Global and per-torrent connection Max may be effectively limited much lower than 1000 due to networking software and hardware limitations on your end. Uploading >100 KB/sec per peer makes more sense than trying to split upload 1000 different ways.

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Actually odly now my utorrent is acting like rtorrent about 50% of the time, ie slower download speed and decent upload speed at same time

quite often though still on smaller torrents I'll dl at 15-30MB/s then start uploading

On packs (10+GB) I dl at 5-15MB/s while uploading around 30MB/s avg

So it can easily download at 30 annd up at 15 on smaller it just doesn't, utorrent focuses too much on downloading (most of the time)

I hate rtorrent though so I gotta lve with it, I wish utorrent would come out with a varient meant high speed servers on fast torrentsites (reprogram it's priorities)

I hear for gigabit torrenting the best client is deluge but I've never used it or even KDE for that matter, I run xfce on my servers and gnome at home

My server has 2 x 300gb velociraptors in hw raid 0 (4ms seek, which is about 3x faster than a normal drive)

Their is a guy I know with a gigabit unmetered with 4 15K rpm drives in hw raid 0 on a leaseweb box, he can beat me but often even he will have something like 50-60MB/s down and like 0 upload (to completion)

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