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Autorename completed and removed files for organization


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Hi! What about adding the option to rename the file(s), located in the finished torrents folder, with a initial or end tag like:


to indicate that a torrent has been removed from the client. Just for the sake of organization.

In a more broad way, the suggestion is: "append to a file or folder in the finished torrents directory the specified tag: ..."

This could come along with that already suggested feature to autolabel the torrents according to the tracker. So, if I finish a download from tracker X.org and remove the torrent from the client, it's folder or file could get the following:

[ X.org - Finished] Filename.

To make it even more complete, that option could be associated with a particular tracker. for example: if I finish a download from tracker X.org, then do nothing; if I finish a download from tracker Y.org, then apply the tag to the file as shown above.

Thanks for attention!

Edit (Ultima): Renamed thread. Originally called "Autorename completed files for organization."

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Yes sir, since I was talking about the torrent removal from the client, not only the end of the download. Once you remove a torrent from the list by right-clicking -> remove torrent (without deleting data, of course), then it would apply an automatic custom label to that file(s).

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