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1.8.2 Torrent Error, must force recheck and...


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Okay, So I been using torrents for a few years now, as a leech. I finally decide to actually seed back as a good person should do. Now, I was uploading back fine on 1.8.1 and then utorrent updated. I get random "Torrent errors", I have to force recheck and then it's 'missing' some data and it has to redownload a bit of info.

Now, the first few times I shrugged it off. Today I turn on my computer and go to resume seeding multiple torrents (about 40 of them) and blam! I get about 7 torrents with a "Torrent Error" that somehow are 'missing' some data. Torrents I've been uploading just fine to everyone else for weeks now.

It's getting rather annoying, and the fact that some of these torrents took way too long to download in the first place (can you say taking four hours for 1MB to complete long? >.>+), I don't want to have to keep redownloading a completed torrent.

I'm not the only person whose getting this error, I complained to my friend about it and she too has been getting these torrent errors for torrent's she's completed and been seeding for months!

So, what's up with this? I think it might be some sort of bug or something...

Either I'm going to have to stop uploading in fear of my video or books I downloaded stop working because of some 'torrent error' when I need them (some of the stuff I'm seeding would be dead without me, so I can't redownload a few pieces of info utorrent just lost). Or get rid of 1.8.2 and find 1.8.1 and download that.

I don't mind rolling back to 1.8.1. Plus I think I know how to seed things I've already downloaded so it shouldn't be a problem...

I'd just be nice if 1.8.2 worked 100%. Anyone have a fix for my torrent error problem or should I just roll back now?

Thanks for your time, and sorry if this was long. ^^"

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