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Can't connect with uTorrent but can with Azureus


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I wanted to switch over from Vuze / Azureus because it's such a resource hog but now I can't connect to any torrents with uT.

I'm on campus and all of our traffic goes through a proxy. I was able to bypass it by enabling "Require transport encryption RC4" in Azureus. Enabling allow non-encrypted incoming & outgoing connections still allowed me to connect to other peers (and more than if it were disabled)

With uT, I've set the following options and I still can't connect. Does anyone know what the deal is? I thought their encryption methods are supposed to be the same? (If this is the case, uT should really have the same clickable options as Azureus)

Port: 49525 (same as Azureus -- but I don't use them at the same time)

Outgoing protocol encryption: Forced

Disable allow incoming legacy connections

Disable UPnP port mapping

Disable NAT-PMP port mapping

Add Windows Firewall Exception

Max global connections 50

Max number of connected peers 10

Max number of upload slots 2

Disable DHT network

Disable DHT for new torrents

Disable local peer discovery

Disable ask tracker for scrape info

Disable peer exchange

IP/Hostname to report : <null>

net.max_halfopen 32

Comodo firewall disabled

Tags / Keywords (for searching): traffic shaping, proxy, unable to connect, encryption

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"net.max_halfopen 32"

Too high, it defaults to 8 for a reason -- windows XP/Vista normally won't allow more than 10 at once!

Can you connect ok to the trackers (Tracker tab)

Are peer/seed connections even being attempted? (Logger and Peers tabs)

Are you seeing any error message on connection attempts? (Logger tab)

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DHT can't find any peers, tracker is working just fine -- tpb.org

I'm really at a dead end here. How does RC4 work in Azureus but forced encryption not work in uT?

PS in Azureus, I have max connections set to 1000, dht enabled, I've allowed fallback to non-encrypted connections, etc. etc. with no problems (in fact, it increases my speed) but I can't even connect within utorrent

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