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OK this morning but now no connection; Port Checker says port not open


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Hi All,

I've had really slow speed since changing ISP from Virgin to plusnet (got THE letter from Virgin!) but grudgingly accept not much can do about it.

Last night for the first time I enabled the Scheduler and it seemed to work fine (plus.net is unlimited use between midnight - 8am) however tonight I cannot connect.

Have disabled Scheduler.

Port Checker says port (same one for a couple of weeks at least) not open.

I have been using PG2 for a while but blindly looking at everything I notice that utorrent.com ( is present in p2p list. I presume this is wrong? If is wrong can anyone please advise how I remove from list? (Edit: I have found that by right clicking the relevant line it gives three options.)

Also, I've followed the directions for my modem/router (Netgear DG834G v4) on portwarding.com.

(Edit: I have assigned a static ip address and can still connect to internet so assume is okay. Port Checker says still not open!)

Sorry to be a pain if this is basic but like most I'm self taught and have obviously reached my level.

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

(Edit: Sorry, of course, I should have said Please.)

All the best.

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Try the OpenOffice torrents mentioned in 1st link in my signature with Peer Guardian 2 uninstalled or at least not running.

You may have another software firewall on your computer that needs disabling/removing.

2nd link in my signature...MOST settings people use are too much for their connection!

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