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How do I open a torrent with utorrent?


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Whenever I download a torrent and open it, it opens in windows media player and says "file" can't be played. I have to save it to utorrent the program folder and then go to utorrent and click "add torrent" and pull it from the folder. Why won't it directly download to utorrent?

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go to some tor site like demonoid or something

"save" the tor

open up µT

set it as default torrent client

pull it to one side(µT)

go to wherever u saved the tor

n drag it into the blank white part below the buttons start stop and all that

seriously man i shouldnt be explainin all this!

stil probs?..

uninstall any other tor client on ur comp (µT too)

install it again...

knock urself out =P

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