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All trackers offline


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Hi All

a few days ago all my torrents suddenly showed up red in 1.8.2. All registerd as tracker was offline. I checked with the trackers and they are online.

I am getting a green tick for network connection OK and the private tracker registers me as being connected but I can't download or seed.

I tried turning off my firewall, disabling my virus checker (although these are not new)

I can't isolate any action that caused this EXCEPT I downloaded 1.8.1 and reinstalled because my private tracker was not allowing me to use 1.8.2. All worked fine. A few days later the tracker accepted 1.8.2 so I uninstalled 1.8.1 and reinstalled 1.8.2 then the problem started.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

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Max upload rate 47

Max download 0

Global max number 15

Max no of connected peers 10

No upload slots 4

Tick box use additional upload slots

OK it is currently reporting 'offline tracker' and the torrent is red but it is downloading the torrent. I stopped the other 17 seeding torrents to see if that would make a difference. So now I really don't understand what is happening. Any ideas?

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Sometimes trackers are overloaded/crashed/offline...only if many trackers are offline at once would I worry. Peer Exchange and DHT can work on public torrents to find other peers and seeds even when the trackers are down.

Is there any chance your ISP is crippling your line?

(Done any GOOGLE searches, asked people locally, if the ISP throttles/disrupts BitTorrent traffic?)

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