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UT UL speeds stuck at 15kB/s!!!


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I have no firewall or router, I have UL speeds of 120kB/s on other clients, and I use v1.4, have all the settings right.

For some reason I can't UL any faster then 15kB/s, No I have not put any UL cap on or nothing.

Others I have talked to have had the same problem. I think this is a bug, used to never have

this problem with earlier versions of UTorrent.

I think its a bug that needs to be looked at.


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1) use beta 406

2) Shaw interferes with BitTorrent

3) turn on peer.lazy_bitfield

4) try using the speed guide (Ctrl G) and choose the xx/1Mbit option

You can also set "Alternate upload rate when not downloading" to 0 kB/s (unlimited) in Network Options.

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