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Stats (over time) on content being uploaded


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Hi there!

I'm a noob at this, just started using uTorrent recently. I use 2 sites (at present) to download torrents for content I want to download. Both sites require a global share ratio of 1:1 or better. Now I have completed more than 100 torrents, and am letting them seed. These files & folders are starting to clutter up my hard drive. Space is not a problem - I have a 1TB drive - but I want to be able to find files easily and quickly. Also I want to be able to easily see if I have previously downloaded a file or not (in case of duplicate torrents, etc)

I want to organise these files (move them to other folders / write them to DVD / whatever). *BUT* I don't want to stop seeding the more-popular torrents that I currently have. What I would like to see is the AVERAGE data uploaded per day for each torrent I am seeding. I can then select the lowest of these (the LEAST popular torrents) for removal / deletion, while still maintaining a healthy upload rate to keep my share ratio high. There is no point in me moving a file that I am uploading to others at 200kb/s each day. Rather I wait a few days / a week until the file is less popular, and move it then. That way my share ratio will grow rapidly.

Yes, I could look at the current upload rate - but this will not necessarily show me which torrents I should leave seeding; it may be that, at the time I check the upload rate, someone is downloading at high speed, but otherwise people are not downloading this torrent from me. I could look at the total amount of data uploaded - but this needs to be compared to the size of the torrent concerned - a small-sized torrent could be uploaded many times over in a short space of time, while a huge file may be sitting on my drive, being uploaded very infrequently, but that has a total upload of a few hundred Mb, over many days.

Perhaps there is already an easy way to see this info (without using a calculator for each torrent!), or perhaps this issue has already been raised (if it has, please point me to the thread). I tried searching here for a few terms, but nothing that addressed my point came up.


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