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Huge oscilating upload and download speeds


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Resolution is set at 5 minutes. (have no idea why they call it resolution though. It's a history, not resolution)

What's going on?


ISP: Qwest (I did read that Qwest throttles my torrents. But this just stared happening recently. All my torrents are slow as hell)

Vista x64

uTorrent 1.8.2

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I know little about your uTorrent settings (maybe ~70 KB/sec upload speeds?), nothing about the measured speed of your connection, nothing about the nature of the torrents you're running (private/public, lots/few seeds/peers?), nothing about your network, and nothing about potential firewalls on your computer.

Any or all of that could be to blame for your problem.

...Even though I highly suspect your ISP is trying something new to torture you. :P

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Thanks for the reply Swi.

I actually followed your second link in your sig and found my settings were out to lunch (youtube video on how to speed up uTorrent was shite). While this wasn't the only problem. It definitely helped :)

WAAAAAAAAAAAYY more peers than seeders. But I don't see why after a while of downloading, it wouldn't "settle in" to a more consistent speed.

Don't know the diff between public and private torrents.

I th ink I'll try a few more torrents and see how their history is then bump this thread if it still exists.


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