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internet explorer cannot display webpage


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i have been having this problem for a while now. i cant seem to load any web pages. i am currently using utorrent and that works fine as well as AVG's updates and windows updates. sometimes i will load IE 8 RC1 and it will load my home page(google) and sometimes it will take a few refresh pages before i get it to load and sometimes i cant load anything at all. same thing with Google Chrome. but as i have been trying a few things, i came across something troubling. i turned off utorrent, and tried to load IE 8 and i instantly went to a site. so i tried it again and turned utorrent back on and what do you know IE came up with the error that says "internet explorer cannot display the webpage".

i am running vista home premium on an Acer Extensa laptop. I have IE 8 RC1 and i also have Google Chrome available. i have Avg antivirus.

i have a Cricket Broadband Internet. no router, just windows firewall.

i guess the easiest thing would be to do is shut down utorrent when i want to surf the web.

but is there anything i can do to make utorrent and my browser work at the same time?

NOTE: i am not 100% sure that this is the cause of my internet not displaying any pages, but i have been testing it a few times and that is the result i came up with.

does anyone have any suggestions?

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