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Auto-setup/calculation for # of connections per torrent


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The purpose of this feature is to be able to increase download speed by using as many connections as possible per torrent (within your maximum-defined # of global connections, that you have setup as the optimum value per your connection).

I suggest to have a new option in the preference->bandwidth dialog, near the "max # of connected peers per torrent". This will named "automatic" . It will calculate for you this limit, by the following formula:

(global max # of connections)/(#-of-active downloads) * ~150%

This will be the default settings for new installs. For updates we will suggest it to the user.

------------- another possible implementation --------------

Another way to do that (courtesy of Switeck...): define a *minimum goal* # of connections per torrent (instead of today's maximum).

- uTorrent will first try to get to that minimum

- if there are still connections left to the global maximum, it will keep on adding connections

- if there is a new (for example) active download, it will NOT ADD new connections to the downloads that have more then this minimum, instead, it will favor adding connections to those who have less then the minimum

- if the (total # of active torrents) * (this minimum) is greater then the global maximum, it will try to evenly distribute connections among all downloads

We might want to consider being able to define this minimum also per torrent in it's properties. This will give you an option to have uTorrent try and allocate more connections to it based on the proportion of this minimum to the minimum setup for other active downloads.


The bottom line here - is being able to wisely utilize your connection by a more dynamic allocation of connections to your active downloads (within the defined maximum # of connections) .

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If the end result over-time is - less connections then your defined max - this should be modified. I don't see any reason to reserve anything per-torrent, if, for example, there is a single torrent running, OR you are, overall, below your global max # of connections.

If there are any advantages at all to have such dual limits system - this is surely one. Use the (global - (per-torrent*(# of active torrents))) as a sort of "allocation cache".

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