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ipfilter doesnt work


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i'm using µTorrent for some weeks now an it works really great.

But there is one thing i dont get to work, the ipfilter.

I already createt an ipfilter.dat and loaded it into µtorrent, in the logger there also is a message that the entries are loaded.

But nothing happens, µtorrent simply doesnt kick client using the IP mentioned in the IPFilter.dat

Can anybody help me?

I'm using µtorrent 1.40

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First of all:Don't forget, if a client connects to you via UDP (=the protokol DHT uses), ipfilter.dat is no good since it doesn't check UDP-connections.

At some point it seemed to me that at least not every entry on the ipfilter-list was honored.(That was shortly after the introduction of ipfilter in uTorrent)

Since I didn't feel like going to a few MB of IP entries to find out about the reason, I tossed the ipfilter.dat altogether and went back to Peerguardian, which packs the list to less than a quarter of its size plus even updates automatically.

I couldn't really put my finger on it, but it just didn't feel right, seeing how many Block-Messages I get with PeerGuardian using an identical list compared to what I got in uTorrent logs.

And since PG works on the lower layers of the OSI model, it takes care of any other protocol as well (i.e. UDP). So I never looked back

I can't really say anything about what's going on with the recent builds but I think, if there was a general problem, more people shuld have discovered it by now

In your case, if I really wanted to find out, I would switch off DHT, pick one of the IPs you are connected to and edit it into ipfilter.dat. Then have uTorrent re-read the file by disabling ipfilter in the settings, re-open the settings and enable ipfilter again

if that IP is still connected after that, you know for sure that s/th is wrong.


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i have the same, it doesn't work although the logger says 1 entry.

i have both DHT turned off.

i tried a lot of single and ranges of IP.

it is probabley a general problem, but not many people use it and/or they don't think it's important enough to ask questions about.

i am surtain more people have that problem.

so if anyone has a solution? please

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