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REQUEST: On RSS downloads, not automatically download prior torrent...


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It would be a nice feature if when you go to add an RSS feed, you have an additional option to not automatically start downloading all the prior torrents of a feed in which you want to automatically download torrents.

Let's say I have a feed that I want to automatically download every torrent from. I have no need for the prior torrents in this feed as I probably already have them. I want to set up the feed so I don't have to download these manually every time. However, where I go to add the feed and check to automatically download, it also automatically adds every prior torrent to my feed. Yeah, it's just a one time thing and I can select them all and delete them. But it seems like a nice and easy to add feature.

I just started using the RSS Downloader and I love it by the way. Sorry if this feature is already here and I just don't know how to use it correctly.

Thanks uTorrent

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