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cache issue


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I decided to reduce the number of disk reads/writes, so I changed some cache options.

As you can see from cache statistics


the writes are good - cache writes count is much higher than file writes cont, but the reads are somewhat weird. As you can see, it read blocks of 128 kb from file, but only ~1/4 of that is sent to peers.

My disk is used exclusively for torrents, so it is formatted NTFS 64 KB cluster to maximize windows cache effect and minimize file fragmentation, but seems utorrent reads 2 clusters (128 kb), and sends only 32kb of what it reads.

Is there a method to tell utorrent to read only 1 cluster insteed?


Seems read cache is totally pointless, so i disabled it. Let windows do better caching.


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utorrent caсhing I/O - 250-400 KB/s

windows caсhing I/O - 70-90 KB/s

I assume that the peer negotiates 2 blocks per downloaded piece from each connected seed.

Let say, a piece is 4MB / 256 blocks (16 KB/block). In that case, if utorrent caches 128 KB, but only 2 blocks are required, it will lose 3/4 of what it cached. Сhance that someone else will need rest of the cached blocks is very low if there are many seeders.

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