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how do you fully uninstall for a reinstall?


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Hi, new poster to the forum. Also new to the mac so am still undergoing the learning curve. I've been a long-time user of utorrent on the PC and am very happy with it.

I was caught up in the confusion of the .9.1 update. The previous version of utorrent had been a dream with fast connections and minimal hassle. My experience with .9.1 pretty much mirrored the descriptions of everyone else here. Seeing as I had nothing new to contribute for troubleshooting, I decided to roll back to the previous version. I deleted the utorrent package from the app folder and did a restore from time machine.

Strangely enough, the behavior of utorrent was no longer that of the previous version but did some of the strange things that .9.1 was doing such as randomizing my ports when randomize was not selected, getting yellows and reds at odd times, and so forth.

Wanting to make sure I had a completely pristine version, I put the utorrent app in the trash can once more and downloaded .9.0.4 fresh. Strangely enough, after install I see that all of my old settings were preserved. As I understand it, Apple is nicer than Windows about installing strange crap in strange places, no dll's copied to common folders, everything related to the app should be in the app folder. But is this not the case with utorrent?

With highly seeded torrents I can pull around 400k/sec. This would be like a linux distro, tons of people seeding and leeching. I can get that speed on my Windows laptop with utorrent and I used to be able to do so with my mac mini and utorrent prior to the .9.1 upgrade attempt. (mini is running 10.5 leopard, latest patches.) No matter how I tweak the settings at this point, I'm limited to around 100k/sec which is about a quarter of the speed I'm capable of.

So, any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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