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Built-in tracker capabilities


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The user manual contains following words:

"The embedded tracker allows tracking of external .torrent files, and provides no way to limit them. There is no interface for viewing the .torrent files that are tracked."

To be honest, I didn't understand the sense.

Do you mean that if I enable built-in tracker, all the .torrent files currently seeded by me will be available through this tracker and there is no way to point out which torrent I want to be tracked and which not?

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No, I meant other aspect.

There are some torrent trackers which count statistics and calculate my upload/download ratio (Tracker1).

If I enable built-in tracker (Tracker2), would everyone who knows it's URL be able to download active torrents from me bypassing Tracker1 upload statistics?

Is the built-in tracker an absolutely separate engine? Is it informationally fully separated from download/upload client?

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Sorry, another refining of my question is gone for nothing.

Let me explain it in some steps:

1. I have some torrents loaded into uTorrent and active. Those are from [......] site

2. I did NOT put my built-in tracker's URL into these torrents.

3. Somebody knows uTorrent built-in tracker's URL

4. He also had downloaded the same .torrent files from [......]

Can he download active torrents' data from me so that [......] will not count statistics?

I am not seeking for ways to DO such bypass, I just DO NOT want him to do this and did not allow him explicitly to do this.

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Adding a tracker doesn't prevent µTorrent from contacting other trackers.

The built-in tracker doesn't make circumventing private trackers any easier. If he removes the other tracker after adding this built-in tracker, then well, he's shooting himself in the foot because chances are, few (if any) other peers in the swarm know about this built-in tracker.

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