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spped problems with utorrent


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okay apparently i have a 20 mb/s connection.

i ran a speed test from speedtest.net and arrived at this conclusion (i live in colorado)

speed test from colorado springs to denver:

download speed: 18385 kb/s

upload: 4662 kb/s

ISP: comcast cable

ping: 104 ms

distance ~50 miles

i figured since that was a bit close i did one further:

download speed: 7748 kb/s

upload: 5551 kb/s

ISP: comcast cable

ping: 57 ms

distance ~ 7500

as you can see, even at 7500 miles i still get a good dl/ul speed, in some ways its better. iv done this test like three times without anything else running or anyone else using the internet, if that matters.

so, i seem to be getting 0.3 ~150.0 kb/s in torrenting, no matter how big or small the download is...

is there anything i can do to seed up my torrents, i would be happy with 5 ~ 10 mb/s =D

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Your theoretical max is barely 2 MegaBYTES/second download and ~500 KiloBYTES/second upload.

But much of that is probably ComCast's temporary Speed Boost.

So you probably really need 1, 1.5, or 2 megabit/second UPLOAD settings from my speed guide chart -- 2nd link in my signature.

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