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Port forwarding - port is not visible


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I'm trying to set port forwarding in an old Acer Laptop (TravelMate 2501LC), Linksys Router WRT54G.

Router set as follows:

Under Security: "Block Anonymous Internet Requests" = unticked

Port Range: BitTorrent, 6681 to 6685, TCP, (as per results from ipconfig)

The Router was configured following this guide: http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Linksys/WRT54G/Utorrent.htm

When checking the visibility of the port using www.canyouseeme.org I get negative results.

I also get negative results if I check the port visibility using the "Options/Speed Guide" in Utorrent.

I will appreciate all help.


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Use a different incoming port than 6681 to 6685 -- preferably something between 10000 and 65000. Some ISPs cripple lower ports.

Did you configure your modem too?

http://www.portforward.com ROUTERS section lists both routers and modems that have NAT (router) features. Did you check to see if your router and modem was on their list?

If the modem is also a router, the modem has to be forwarded to the router's WAN ip address.

Is your computer's LAN ip address outside the router's DHCP range?

What software firewalls (often included in antivirus/antispyware software) do you have?

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