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Question about µTorrent settings

Mr Wolf

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Hi to all!!!

I'm using an external hard disk to download with µTorrent and, sometimes, I need to plug it to different computers

So, when I launch µTorrent, I can see it intalls on the computer I'm using, and the settings are put in Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\µTorrent

My question is: since, as I said, I plug the hard disk to different computers, should I copy the settings of µTorrent from the last computer I used, so that I can go on downloading my files from the last point?

If the settings are not the same, what happens?

Does µTorrent start downloading in each computer from the point it's stored in the settings where it is installed?

I'll make an example to make things clearer:

I plug the hard disk to computer 1, and, let's suppose, I download 135 MB of my file

Then, I plug it to computer 2: µTorrent doesn't know to what point the download arrived, right? So, it starts downloading from the beginning? What happens to what I've already downloaded?

And, btw, is it possible to install µTorrent on my external hard disk, so that the settings are stored there?

Many thanks fot the help!

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1/ Yes you can use uT on different computer, just dont forget to copy %appdata%\utorrent and especially settings.dat


2/ When you will plug your removable drive onto another computer, the drive letter can change. A solution is to attribute the same letter to your external HD (do that in disk manager of the OS) or a better solution is to edit resume.dat with BEncode Editor and to change the path of your torrents (I mean data) with function "find/replace".


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Copy "utorrent.exe (& utorrent.exe.lang.txt)" into %appdata%\utorrent and then the WHOLE folder on externals! Then start with the utorrent.exe from that copied folder on the external HDD and it will recheck the files automatically! My link refers to a completely NEW uTorrent start.

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Ok, thanks!

Sorry for the stupid question: but... if don't copy the settings.dat in the hard disk or in the computer I'm using, what happens to what I've already downloaded?

For example, if I downloaded 100 MB of my file, and then I plug the hard disk to another computer, does µTorrent start to download from the beginning? Or does it perform a check of what already downloaded?

Actually, it happened so, I plugged my hard disk to another computer forgetting to copy settings.dat in it, but I unplugged it after a while, and then I connected it again to the computer I was using earlier

In short, I want to be sure my files were correctly downloaded!

I saw µTorrent reserves a space for the files at beginning of the download

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Take a look: http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/8708/97423566.png

If your folder on the HDD looks like this everything will work fine! No new download!

Start>run>%appdata%\utorrent>ok to locate this folder. Then follow what i wrote above... Just run uTorrent.exe from this created folder on external HDD! I guess there is no easier way of using uTorrent on external Drives, isn't it?

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But... I copied the content of Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\µTorrent in my external hard disk, I launched again µTorrent.exe... and the files were moved again on the computer and were deleted from my external hard disk!

So... what's the point of copying them in the external hard disk? I thought it left the files there, so that I could launch µTorrent everywhere I plug my hard disk!

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Did you start uTorrent.exe from the copied utorrent folder ON THE HDD???

I even tried it by myself, i copied the utorrent folder PLUS utorrent.exe IN THIS FOLDER on an USB-Stick. From there i started utorrent.exe and it continued my downloads after rechecking (in my case on my built-in HDD)!

So copy back your stuff on the external HDD and follow the instructions properly... :-)

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