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No incoming connections


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Most of the time it gives the error that I can not receive incoming connections.

I got a statip ip and I forwarded a port on my Zyxel P-2602R-D1A like the guide said. But when I test that port with utorrent it says it is not open.

I have changed my download settings according to a guide but that only made it even slower.

Utorrent and the port are both accepted in windows firewall and I don't have a other firewall as far as I can tell. (Nod32 virusscanner and spybot search&destroy)

I tried the UPnP port mapping with on and off settings. If I turn it on I sometimes get a green light for 30 seconds before it goes yellow but no extra speeds.

My speeds are not limited(throttled?) by my isp according to a test site.

So I really cant think of anything else I can try.

Does anybody else have an idea?

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Sorry for the late reply. I followed the guide on that site already for my modem, but there was no mention of a firewall/mini router.

But I did check my modempage again and there IS a firewall active. Missed it the last time.

Now when I turn it off the port is open, so this firewall is the problem. But I think it would be safer if I could leave it on and still get utorrent to work. But I am not sure what I need to add to make it work ;)

I will post some screenshots of the options that I have.





Would really appreciate it if you could help me out.




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