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Request: Treeview in Torrent List


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I like keeping things tidy in my machine. That includes, but is not limited to how lists look like when using various pieces of software. Cutting to the chase now:

I am using uTorrent for work purposes and I am usually downloading/sharing various files that fit into more than one category. I use to have ISO files, large documents/presentations, demo databases, media files (including huge uncompressed video files that need to go to hundreds of people), image collections and so on. performance is excellent, but the GUI has one major drawback that makes me pull my hair every now and then (and I have plenty to pull!).

Thing is, when you have like 200+ torrents loaded, you need to scroll through a pretty well-sized list, where all torrents are thrown together. Sure, I can sort them by a lot of criteria, except one... categories. I would really love to be able not to only assign a category to each torrent (ISO, Documents, Audio, Video, Pictures, Software, Other, etc...) (this can be done by attaching labels - not so successfully, read below), but also minimize said categories to gain a better overall view of what's needed and what's not.

Now regarding labels, they're very useful and I do use them a lot, but for other purposes: and that is Interest Groups. Explanation below:

Developers need ISO files, source code files (zipped) and tech documentation. Customers need presentations, demo, media files. Bosses need all the above :) and designers need mostly media files but some docs too. So, for all the relevant groups, I mark torrents with this or that label and that's fine.

But I have no way of categorizing data by type. And adding a treeview in Torent List would just be... great :)

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