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When To Turn "Inital Seeding" Off


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I'm relatively new to uTorrent, started at the beginning of Feb and am really amazed at how well this works.

Here's my question.

When is the best time to turn off "Initial Seeding."

Here's what I do. I upload a file, right click, go to properties and then turn "initial seeding on. Then I wait for it to seed. Then when the file gets a bit above 1.0 on the "avail" I turn inital seeding off.

Is this the best method? Should I wait longer to do this? If I am correct when the "avail" column hits 1.0 that means 100% of the torrent has been distributed out there by me, correct?

Here is an issue that may come into play. Usually when I upload a torrent, it consists of several smaller files. So some people may choose to download only some files. Since the files are small (usually under 5mb each) it doesn't make since to create a torrent for each one.

Would that come into play as when to stop seeding it intially? Because obviously if someone has decided to only download 8 of the files, they'll be happy and will be able to help seed but will never be A seed, because they chose not to download the complete torrent. Is that right?

Thanks for you help

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