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Use lesser of Scheduler and Global Limits?


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Scheduler was active on µTorrent but I wanted to test a lower global speed.

Still despite the global speed being well below scheduler's current speed, µTorrent continued to use the scheduler's higher speed. Turning off scheduler caused an immediate speed drop.

How about making this (always use lowest of 2) an advanced on/off setting -- best of both worlds? :)

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So, from the Switeck's post it seems that the scheduler's max u/l and d/l settings

override the global max u/l and d/l ?

I would have thought that the Global settings would take priority?

So for times when the scheduler is set to "full speed" will it download at the specified global max u/l & d/l settings or just override them?

I suggest a checkbox to select which one of the two (Global / Scheduler)

has the higher priority.

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I brought this behavior up before in the bug section but was told that this is normal, which I do not find all that normal to me. Given that if I wanted to use a lower upload or download speed than the defined scheduler limit, that I'd use that instead. I still do not understand why the scheduler limit takes precedance over the global when the global limit was defined a lower value. I know there are locations and areas where bandwidth charges are imposed. But I cannot think of other scenerios where the scheduler cannot be worked to suit that, since it can work both ways (I use it for evening and morning hours).

Yeah, it'd be nice for uTorrent to use the lower of the two... sometimes when I'm downloading or seeding during the limit hours, I'd want to set it to something lower than that... so that enough bandwidth is available for a variety of things: gaming, sending images, or whatever. I'd like to see an option be implemented... but it's no big deal. It's just a minor annoyance for me personally. :)

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The better option, IMO (and as I semi-suggested in that thread) would be to have an option specifying whether the global limit should be overridden or not. Maybe even a new color or whatever (would probably become a bit too confusing that way, though... =T). Choosing the lesser of both limits might end up being more confusing and troublesome (for example, you'd have to check both limits to make sure the one you want to be the current limit is the lowest one).

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I know I said "Keep things simple", but I forgot about weekends ;)

How about a new 4th level for the scheduler:

1) Off (When the boss might walk in and you don't want to be caught)

2) Limited (uses scheduler's limits -> use during day)

3) Full (uses Global max limits -> use during week nights)

4) Override (overrides scheduler & global max limits and downloads torrents at value that you can specify -> weekends!)

Good or bad idea?

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