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uTorrent is leaking my IP


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My Settings:

DHT: Off always

PEX: Off Always

net.outgoing_ip: Endpoint_ip

Encryption: Disabled

Enable incoming legacy connections: Yes

Ip/hostname to report to tracker: Endpoint_ip

Proxy Server:

Type: Socks5

IP: localhost

port: 1234

Resolves Hostnames Through Proxy: Yes

Use proxy for peer-2-peer: Yes

Enable UNPNP port mapping: Off


Putty conifig:

Enabling dynamic hosts, remote ports accept connections from other hosts (do the same), listens locally on 1234


I have syslogd setup with my router and it seems that even though tcpview/netstat show none of the peers are connected to me i still see random peer IPs trying to connect to me but dying at the router (cuz of NAT) on my bittorrent port. I thought maybe they were leftover connections from slow peers but if i change the utorrent listen port and restart utorrent i see the peers try connecting to this new port in a few minutes. Both UDP and TCP traffic is trying to come back to me. I think i have the vpn setup correctly. Any advice, or is this a bug?


Also, in my settings.dat of utorrent i have this line:


Where is my ip address. That should be the proxy IP shouldnt it?


It appears to be a problem with DHT. Even though it is disabled in my client it seems that my local IP will get seeked out somehow by the peer's DHT and try connecting to me with a PING packet. I am reading up on DHT right now to try and troubleshoot.

It amazes me that nobody from BTGuard or other VPN "privacy" sites hadn't figured this out...

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