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Download Max Pseed Is Allright Before 1.8.2


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I just had my pc reformat because im having a slow download. here's the what i done or see...

- lesser seeds than before

- only few seeds now are downloading

- my max avg download speed 110 kbps, now 30-40 (only one torrent)

- port forward is ok

- network ok (green light below)

- dht turned on

- uPnP port mapping enabled

- protocol encryption enabled

- utorrent version 1.8.2

my download speed will only go up if im recieveing from a seed 30-40 kbps

and when i download again 1.8.1 the problem is still there but i havnt done anything.

i dont know where to start troubleshooting because all i have to change in the preferences is already changed. please help me...

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If they're throttling, they probably throttle unknown/encrypted traffic as well as known BitTorrent traffic.

For private torrents or public torrents with little chance of complete tracker failure, you can disable DHT and save a little bandwidth -- possibly increasing download and upload speeds by 0.5-8 KB/sec.

Reducing global and per-torrent connections max as well as bt.connect_speed and net.max_halfopen can also reduce bandwidth used.

Disabling Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window of an active torrent) can also reduce bandwidth used by uTorrent very slightly.

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How do you have uTorrent currently set?

If your settings are far away from my speed guide (or uTorrent's built-in speed guide), then chances are that's to blame for your problems.

Even with relatively BAD uTorrent settings, a well-seeded torrent (such as OpenOffice) will often still download very fast...but a poorly-seeded one or one with many firewalled peers/seeds will be horrible. Sometimes even GOOD settings are only a little better if the torrent is particularly bad. :(

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it was set perfectly, and i used trial & error trouble shooting... and i happen to came up downloading at private torrent sites and it works great. im downloading at my max. i think my problem is downloading at public torrent sites which have bad credibility... thanks for helping me switeck.Ü

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