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I have been using version 1.7.7 for a long time.I guess I was used to this version.To make a long story short I installed a new router,and was forwarding the port,and ended upgrading to 1.8.2.So, now I'm here.....

I am used to configuring all of my settings,but I do have a few questions.I am using Windows XP Pro

Under Preferences/Advanced/Disk Cache/

I don't want my hard drive working overtime,so these are the boxes I have checked.Is this correct?

Reduce memory usage when cache is not needed.

Enable caching of disk writes.

Enable caching of disk reads(also have a the sub heading checked under this option)Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing.

Disable windows caching of disk writes.

Also,under advanced options in utorrent, I always boost my net max half open from 8 to 50.I use a patch to increase connections (using xp anti-spy)and patch my connections from 10 to 80.

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