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Removing uTorrent in Win7


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Hey guys

I know Win7 isn't officially supported but Iknow that it should work.

Following problem:

I accidentally didn't install uTorrent. The .exe from Vista (2nd OS) was on my 2nd partition and I just opened it. Somehow I cancelled the installation but uTorrent still opened.

I don't know exactly how or what I did but now it just doesn't work properly. When I download a file, it appears nowhere. When I change the directory for the download it doesnt appear there. When I right click on the file (in uTorrent) and click "Show containing folder" my personal folder opens - but there is nothing (and I didn't select it). Also I can' drag & drop files into uTorrent.

It's just very wierd. Since I didn't install it properly I can't uninstall. But I also can't install because somehow windows think that it is already installed.

I think the problem would be solved If I could install it properly again, but somehow I need to make windows think that it isn't installed.

Is there any registry entry or something similar that I need to delete?


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Thanks for the answer, so I know where to look in the future.

I just used a restore point though, it works now. But I am sure this would have been the solution...

I am still not sure though what I did wrong. There was no install again, I just downloaded a new utorrent.exe, opened it and now it works. No idea what the problem really was...

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