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1.8.2 -- Utorrent Disappearing when Minimized (no systray, no bosskey)


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I'm running 1.8.2 in Windows XP Pro (sp3). Suddenly when I close utorrent, instead of it minimizing to the systray, it disappears completely. The task manager shows it's running, but it's otherwise invisible. I have these Preferences set:

UI Settings - Close to Tray is CHECKED

UI Settings - Minimize to Tray is NOT CHECKED

General - Privacy - Boss-Key is NONE

I've tried this with "close to tray" checked and not checked.

I've tried this with "minimize to tray" checked and not checked.

Utorrent just disappears. For months, when I clicked the red X to close utorrent, it minimized to the systray, where I could one-click it to restore it. Now it's not in the systray and not in the taskbar, but it is running. Weird.

EDIT: my system is set NOT to hide any systray icons. All systray icons are visible all the time (well, except utorrent).

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No. I don't have systray items set individually to show or be hidden. I have the XP Start Menu set NOT to "hide inactive icons."

What is even stranger, is that when I press ALT-TAB, which brings up a window with icons for all running programs (so that you can switch among them), the utorrent icon doesn't appear in the window. However, utorrent *is* running, because i see it in the TaskManager list of running programs.

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