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How to customize IP address in uTorrent


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Hi guys, first post :D

I remember reading a while back about how you could customize your IP address to appear to other peers as anything you wanted. It didn't actually change the IP, from memory it just showed it differently to peers for privacy purposes.

For example, you could change your IP so it displayed to others as "hi.nice.to.meet.you" or "how are you"

Does anyone know a way of doing this?


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Yeah I always knew about the 'Resolve IPs' option but I forgot that even if you did change your resolved IP to something anonymous that anyone with knowledge could easily disable 'Resolve IPs' and find it out :P

But just out of curiosity, does anyone know of a program which allows you to change your 'Resolved IP' to anything you wish? I know there's a program out there, just forgot its name :)

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