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i am new here and hope if u could help me out..

i have a bsnl free night download bb connection with a speed upto 2mbps

and use utorrent 1.8.2 to download torrent files.i have done all port forwarding and other things.but my download speed is never more than 20 kbps.the seeder ratio is healthy but the prob persists.but if i am downloading open office it is downloading in high speed of an avg of 130 kbps. i don't know what to do.

plpz help me.

port used is 61820

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i had earlier set my up;oad speed to 10.now i have enabled automatic setting present near it although all have adviced against it.this also doesnot make any change.my global connection is set to 300 and peer connection per torrent is 100.upload connection per torrent is 4.

even this doesnot make any difference.

i am downloading two torrent files at a time.what should be the avg download speed of each?read some where that someone is downloading at 220 kBps!!!! is it true?

at what spees do u download generally?

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