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Deleting a file after download


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I'm downloading a torrent which has 5 files. I first downloaded only one of the files, but it turns out that file wasn't what I wanted. I proceeded to start downloading other files. Problem is I'm unable to delete this unwanted file that I downloaded initially. I can't seem to remove it in utorrent or Explorer, and it just keeps.. seeding. How would I delete this file then?


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You don't remember where your downloads are?

Many solutions to retrieve the container folder:

1/ Select the torrent job, go to General tab and check the path "Save as" in General chapter.

2/ Select the torrent job and push ENTER on your keyboard, that opens the container folder (same thing if you right click)

3/ Use the Win Explorer and do a search with the filename.

In addition you need to skip this file if you don't want to redoanload this file. Go to Files tab and righ click to select the file priority. Then force a recheck.

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