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embedded tracker error,cannot seed to my friend?pls help


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I created a torrent in order to send a friend of mine by this way below:

1-I enabled web ui and also bt.enable_torrent value to true.

2-I forwarded the port of web ui(Later I checked the port,and it says it is open)

3-When creating the torrent ,In the trackers field I added this :

http://my local ip:web ui listening port/announce

4-I checked start seeding and private torrent.

The torrent has a green light and therefore it is working(also from the trackers field).

No need to emphasize that dht doesn't work since it is a private torrent.

But when I sent this torrent to my friend,he couldn't download it although as I said

before the torrent has a green light on my computer.

What should I do to overcome this problem?Is there a mistake in my way of creating this torrent?

I also don't want to add public trackers to the tracker field.

Please someone help me.

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it is said that Adding public trackers to the "Trackers" list is not recommended, as it (and the files) could get indexed by that tracker, thus your torrent may end up being available publicly.

(from a web page with the topic"Share Private Torrents With uTorrent's Embedded Tracker")

Therefore I do not want to add public announce links to the trackers field.

So can anyone help me to overcome the problem that I explained at my first post.?

(solution aside from adding public trackers to the tracker list)

I also tried making a working torrent by this way explained below:

1-disabled Web UI

2-add the following to the trackers field:

http://external ip:port/announce


3-and then added the torrent

now for http://localhost:port/announce ==>it says working

but for http://external ip:port/announce ==>it says offline (timed out)

I have to indicate that I have dynamic ip but I didn't disconnect from internet.

So is there a solution for this offline error?

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