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uTorrent cannot be prounounced by swedish lawyers :)


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I am posting this here since I think it might entertain the developers and uTorrent community.

If you have been living in a shoebox it might have escaped you that the largest tracker in the world is on trial. It was so long since I read the forum rules so I am just going to assume discussing trackers is a no-no. I will suffice to say it is a Swedish tracker in a bay with characters that go "YAARR!" that has beards and all suffers from scurvy.

Anyway, to the goodies:

Two anti-piracy organisations are questioning witness when specific clients being mentioned.


Lawyer: (rambles endless crap and then says).... qtorrent.

Judge looks confused.

Judge: What did you say? What is written in the document?

Judge: Doesnt it say uTorrent?

Lawayer: No, qtorrent as I said.

As this is discussed a person from the tracker crew (which are under trial) speaks up: "It is microtorrent".


Its safe to say that this does not make the subject less confusing for the lawyers who has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

If they can't pronounce it, they can't sue it! :)

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