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Problem with DLing torrents, new equipment!


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Hello, first time posting on the forums but a long time reader. I can pretty much find anything I need on a thread somewhere on these forums, so in the past I've never had problems with uTorrent! But recently, my parents bought this new phone service called ALLVOI which has its own small telephone/router box. My current setup is:

Windows XP SP2

Internet --> DSL Modem --> Linksys WRT54G Router --> ALLVOI KTA2110 --> Direct link to my PC.

(The --> means ethernet cable :D)

Also, I have opened a Windows Firewall exception for my uTorrent, as well as opened the ports on both the Windows Firewall and my Router. I know its definitely a problem with the ALLVOI KTA2110, but I haven't seen anything in the users manual or its configuration page (similar to that of the routers, type in the i.p in your address bar and boom, configuration page) that may seem similar to port forwarding or blocking requests or anything like that. Any help is appreciated, if you need more info I'll check back later with more specs. Thanks again, and <3 uTorrent.



I found the IP to log into the ALLVOI KTA2110, and there are network functions that I cannot access. It says I must log in as the network administrator, though I am provided with only the name to log in as a regular user. I am calling ALLVOI to find this name/password to see if I can manually adjust the box to allow better network traffic. My previous assumption was that it only slowed my torrent speeds, but in fact it has slowed my internet browsing speeds and online gaming speeds as well. So something in that damned box is slowing my internet, and I'm going to find out what. I'll post a solution as soon as I find one for anyone else who may encounter a similar problem.

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