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There was an error computing the hash


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If there was an error computing the hash how do I fix it? I've looked in the help glossary and see that the error is in matching one item to another but I don't understand why it happened and certainly how to avoid it in the future. I have also looked in the help error messages and find nothing in relation thereto. Since writing the first query relating to DSHX, DSIHX and DSxxx I have ensured that the download mb's are surpassed by the upload mb's on all finished files and have deleted all but one of them. I thought I would let others download for a while. I also deleted all downloading torrent files (3 or 4) as each of them had DS peers. I figured it would be best to start over. I did try to download one torrent file (Yuika Hotta etc in Fiji) after all this but found that the first peer that came in showed DS and deleted the download again. Thank you for your answer.

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