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Browsing stops working when uTorrent runs


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Yeah, know there are some other threads regarding this issue as well, but still felt like making a new one anyway since non of them offered any solutions except links to the FAQ and Ultima's guide whitch I've read thru by the way - so no need to mention them.

Anyways, well, the subject says the most. Whenever I start running uTorrent, for some reason, the browsers stops working - and yeah, I've tested IE, FF, Chrome and Opera and they all results in the same. Strangely, this problem started like two hours ago - before that I haven't had any problems what so ever. This is starting to get really annoying now, and I don't know how to fix the issue. I've checked the settings - also tried setting the speed settings to halv the speed my line is to be shure that it ain't using all the bandwitdh and no-go.

To sum up what I've tried:

- Different browsers to see if the problem is the same with all. And yes, problem is the same regardless of whitch browser I use.

- Browsing doesn't work when uTorrent is running regardsless of what the download and upload speeds are. Low down/up or high down/up doesn't make any differnes, browsing doesn't work.

- Changing the speed settings to different speed values to see if that helps, and to be shure that uTorrent doesn't eat all the bandwitdh. No-go.

- Looked over the settings to see if some values seemed wrong. Nothing wrong as far as I can see.

- Tried disabeling UPnP. Didn't seem to make a difference.

.... will try disabeling some few other things as well like DHT and such.. will report back if it fixes the problem.

This is a 2,5 months old newbuild. Been running uTorrent on it with the same settings as now since then, never had problems before now - never had problems with uTorrent before either thru all the years I've been using it.

I'm not going to change away from uTorrent unless it's the last option to get browsing and torrent downloading working at the same time.

So, please hit me with whatever possible solutions I might try to get this fixed.

And thanks for providing us with such a great soft as uTorrent.

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