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Global LAN Maximum Upload Rate


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For small LANs that run more than one copy of µTorrent, it would be great if the clients could detect each other and share the limit upload limit together. Customizable on the fly like it is right now, but reflecting the changes on the other clients and equally dividing the load between them.


Maximum possible upload speed: 80kB/s (But uploading at max speed makes downloading extremely slow)

Computer1 is uploading at about 70kB/s

Computer2 is uploading at about 10kB/s

Global LAN upload speed: 70kB/s

Computer1 is limited to 60kB/s

Computer2 keeps its lil 10kB/s

Eventually, if Computer2 uploads faster, limit Computer1 further until both computers get exactly 40kB/s, and limit them there, if one gets slower, raise the limit of the other.

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