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Download stuck at 30 kbs


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Everything is set correctly according to the speed guide. I know its not the first time you guys hear this, but theres 1 wierd thing: Sometimes, the download will boost to around 500 kbs overnight. Example: lets say i start a download at about 7pm, it downloads at a very consistent 30 kbs until i go to bed. Leave it for the night... and when i come to check it out next morning, its finished. I check what the max download speed was and it boosted to 500. Again, earlier today, i downloaded a torrent at about 450 kbs. But it doesnt do that all the time. Usually it will stay at 30 kbs for the whole download. I think its my ISP thats choking my download but im no specialist. I need the opinion of people that know about this.

EDIT: Forgot to add... lets say i download juste 1 torrent, its at 30 kbs. If i add another torrent to download, it will stay at 30 kbs overall (and split the available download speed.) Is that even normal??

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