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Help Me Get through Dis


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My u Torrent Speed Stucks @ 20 kbps

I have Tested Various methods Given Here But none Diff Found./.

I Have Uninstalled My Kaspersky Internet security n Cheked whther ders some prob with my firewall Even then No Change,,

My ISp is not Throttling da speed of utorrent as per da test

n da Speed test value my upload speed is 94 kbps :(

n tested rem other ways given here

Plz Guide me through dis pals :(

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try one of these torrents http://slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php

they will max out ur speed in a few minutes ....

see if ur speed is still stuck at around 20kbps..

if it maxes out to bout 60's then i guess u just have to get good quality torrents

try http://isohunt.com

if ur still stuck at 20's

patch ur tcp/ip get the patch at www.lvllords.com

disable ur xp firewall n get a better firewall like kerio

if u dont have an av get avg free(doesnt tamper with ur dl speeds)


remove the limit from ur bandwidth(xp)

go to start>>run>>gpedit.msc

Local computer policy>>Administrative templates>>Network

click on Qos Packet sceduler

on ur right

double click on limit reservable bandwidth

change the value from 20% to 0%

still probs?...

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@retah: *sigh* Again with the bad advice. The QoS limit affects absolutely nothing, and you're simply perpetuating a debunked urban legend. Patching TCPIP.sys should almost never be recommended without just cause (and I haven't seen any just cause thus far). Well, at the least, the Slackware test link was a good start.

@megasiva2002: What is your connection's maximum upload rate? Is your port forwarded properly? (It's difficult to ascertain that bit of information from your telling us that nothing changed) How do the Slackware test torrents run (as linked to by retah)?

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