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IPFilter toggling may have crashed µTorrent


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A few minutes after having just posted in this thread, µTorrent crashed on me for the first time I can recall.


I did submit the crash dump, and it restarted and has yet to do the same thing again.

Here's what I had been doing, as noted in the linked thread above. I just recently downloaded a new IPFilter.dat from Bluetack. Until today, I had the ipfilter feature disabled in advanced settings. After having downloaded it, I enabled it in the advanced settings and it said the entries were loaded. Then it started blocking So I semicoloned the offending line in the IPFilter.dat, disabled then renabled the setting, and confirmed in the log that it had loaded one less entry (as you can see in the screenshot). I then posted my findings in the linked thread above.

I believe it crashed the second that it blocked the address, though I admit I had gotten up to get something to drink and found it this way when I came back. It's just my guess. In previous versions I had edited the IPFilter.dat before, disabled and reenabled it, all without any problems. It may have been because I semicoloned that line, but it is working now without problem and I have not taken the semicoloned line out yet. I don't know what really caused it. Just thought I'd report my findings.

I had also been messing with my diskio.read_cache_size setting, and had set it to 5, just to see how that would affect my disk usage. Not that it really gets high, seeing the speed problems (ISP throttling I believe) I've had lately, that I reported in another thread a while back.

EDIT: I have since been running µTorrent without error, and the IPFilter has again blocked ("Commnet Data Systems, LLC" according to my IPFilter.dat) without crashing.

EDIT2: After some time, I came back and found µTorrent to be completely frozen, minimized in my tray. I had to end the process. I noticed there's a new crash dump file, and I will make it available if Ludde (or anyone else for that matter) wants it. I changed diskio.read_cache_size back to 0 (it was 5, as stated earlier). Other than the IPFilter being on, I haven't really changed anything else. So I'll see how that goes. This might be a bug with the diskio.read_cache_size.


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