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Torrent list in utorrent disappeared (Help plz)


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When you click a torrent file from the internet, you are prompted whether to 'open it' (with utorrent) or 'save it' (the .torrent files to your desktop). I always choose the 'open it' choice.

I have several torrents opened from the internet and a list of these torrents is in utorrent. I'm downloading two at a time while the others are in pause/stop.

I was doing something else then the computer needed a restart since I messed up something and I have to force-restart the computer by pressing the computer's power button. This is unrelated to utorrent (meaning the utorrent has nothing to do with the messing up).

After the restart, I opened my utorrent. The list of torrents are gone/disappeared. I can re-download the ones that I have downloaded previously and continue its torrenting, but I won't be able to get the stopped/paused torrent ones since I forgot their names and where I got them. So, I need help on getting these lost ones. Is there like a folder where utorrent contains the .torrent files after clicking 'open it' during prompt?


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