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MultiFile torrent leech problem?


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Well, I can't say that it's a bug, but here it is ...

If you download only selected files from multifile torrent, than when you finish your partial leech you still remain on the tracker leechers list (obviusly utorrent does not sent the event=completed).

I've read that only 100% leeched torrent is considered as FINISHED by utorrent but this causes problems for the tracker uploaders as they can see huge lists of leechers with 99,8% of the torrents in question.

Good examples are movie torrents, which have several files (AVI, Sample, Nfo, Cover, Subtitles and etc...) If you did not leech the sample for example, you will never be listed as a full snatch in your tracker :)

May be I've missed something, but it will be a good idea to have option to choose whether a partially leeched torrent will be considered as FINISHED or NOT.... (sent event=completed).

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