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Socket error - Sometimes - Only with specific trackers


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i've been using utorrent for a while.

Sometimes the trackers ending with "*.thepiratebay.org" show this status "A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network"

Some questions:

1- Is it firewall related?

2- Why is it not happening always?

3- Why does it only occurs to thepiratebay trackers? the other trackers of the same torrent are working fine.

4- Why sometimes when retrying, it shows "offline (timeout)" instead?


D-Link 2640T router

Kaspersky KIS 7


I really don't want to uninstall KIS before assuring this is firewall related as it only happens to specific trackers. (I just disabled Kaspersky Anti-Virus NDIS Filter and stopped the service from computer management).


I looked up the trackers address in DNS, then added all of its alternative IPs to the list. look what happened!!!


As you see some of the IPs are working. it seems a tracker problem to me, ain't it?

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