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trying to get my dl speeds up


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Hi Ladies 'n Gents,

as said in the subject line, I'm trying to get my dl speeds up.

I have seen it max out at about 150kb/s on rare and brief occassions.... It seems to hover between 20kb/s and 60 kb/s tho most of the time. I was wondering what i could do to keep it at 150 kb/s, and faster too, if possible. How fast could I theoretically get for download?

Please go easy on me, as I am a little green when it comes to pc-lingo. Here's is info which you may find useful. Tell me what other info you would like.

System: Vista

Router: Netopia (static)

1 router, 2 pc's, tho other pc is usually off when I am d/ling

I did an online speed test and results came back as :

Download: 2636 kb/s

Upload: 322 kb/s

Help would be much appreciated.

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