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Simple Remote: Start, Stop, Pause, Slow, Resume?


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Hi Peeps,

I'm looking for a simple solution so the missus can surf the net without moaning about the downloads being on.

I've checked the guides, FAQs etc and not found anything that will do the job without showing what is downloading and giving too many other controls.

I just want to let someone else on the network stop, pause or slow downloading on the server so they can surf/chat/cam in peace.

Cheers guys!

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Cheers guy!

It looks like that's exactly what i was looking for!

I think the screenshot put me off before but i see now that its just the settings and the UI is nice and easy. Thanks a lot! :-)


I just tried it and its great except that it still lets you list the torrents that are downloading :-(

Thanks though, its the best ive tried so far.

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