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Yellow Light/Green Light - Trouble with incoming connection


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I used to use BitTorrent for Windows a year or so ago. It took me a whole lot of trial and error to get it working properly but it was working when the PC finally died.

I have a Mac now so I downloaded uTorrent. I'm having trouble with my connection. I've got a file running and the stats all look good but I the connection light flips back and forth between yellow and green (most often being yellow)

Here is some information to help troubleshoot the problem

OS: Leopard

uTorrent Version:

Forwarded ports on router: TCP 6881-6889

Incoming port in uTorrent: 6881

Current download rate: 130-140 kb/s

Current upload rate: 8-14 kb/s

Connection type: Wireless

Activity: Downloading, 20 of 43 seeds, 2 of 6 peers

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have been all through the FAQs and have tried a few things but nothing seems to help.


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