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Highlighting selected torrents

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This may sound like a really pedantic complaint but seeing how well µTorrent is designed otherwise, I'd hate to see something so basic go unnoticed.

For some reason, it's possible to de-select all the torrents, so that none are highlighted. This seems unnecessary. Flame me for sure (I deserve it) but I spent half an hour trying to figure out why none of the tabs (except the speed tab) were showing any data. I finally figured out that my only torrent wasn't highlighted. This 'might' make sense if you had multiple torrents going but especially with only one torrent it doesn't make sense that µTorrent wouldn't just highlight the only torrent automatically. I restarted the program a number of times and even on restart no torrent was highlighted.

It seems counterintuitive and really only midly annoying but it also seems easily remedied. Then again, I'm not doing the coding so...


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