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Nat Error:> Please Help me


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NAT Error?


Im using bsnl Dataone Broadband thru Huawei SmartAX MT882 Modem/Router,

since my router has been configured by bsnl , im unable to go to the configuration page of my router to enable portforwarding.

when ever i get into my configuration page im taken to summary page and not to the configuration page as shown in the configuration steps illustrated in portforwarding.com~.

Please help me to configure my router. and obtain good speed.

ive searched the complete forum and didnt get any answer. pls help me




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Ive Resolved My router Settings and port forwarding Issues by getting technical Guidance from BSNL.

Now im able to connect to net directly via computer dialup and now im free from NAT Error.

Now my bandwith is 256 KBPS.

Before Configuring My Router For Port Forwarding I used to get a Max download speed of 2~3 KBPS per file.

At Present Im Getting 15~25 KBPS per File.

Is it possible to Optimize my Download speed to 35~40 KBPS per file.

I would like to know what would be the optimal speed of download for 256KBPS bandwidth.

My Service Provider is offering Free Download Time between 2.00hrs to 8.00 hrs IST.

If i shall acheive that speed i can make good use of my isps Offer.

Also Please Explain me [ Ratio<='?'% or Seeding Time '<=?' ]

Please Help me

Thanks in advance

vkat rn


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